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Melbourne’s best dog training environments

Exposing your dog to many new environments is a great way to build on their exisiting training and learn new skills.

And with a city like Melbourne, right at your doorstep, there are countless opportunities to bring your dog to high, low and medium distraction environments.

High distraction environments

Help your dog to develop what the dog training world refers to as ‘bullet-proof’ commands by bringing them to a high distraction environment.

Melbourne train station training

Metro train stations are an iconic location which offer a great opportunity for your dog to be exposed to new people, noises and smells. Get your dog into a drop at the entrance of the station and watch the hustle and bustle together. My tip would be to start this exercise at an off peak time or day and build up.

Outdoor night markets

Keep an eye on Melbourne’s event calendar and head on out to a night market with your dog for an evening of food, fun and training. The Night Noodle Market would be my pick but for a more local location, try your local council events.

Medium distraction training environments

For the dog and owner looking for a challenge, a place on the below list will offer the perfect mix of familiarity and distraction.

Footy Oval (not Melbourne’s MCG)!

Grab your dog, your footy and a few friends and head down to your local football oval. Keep your dog in a drop position whilst using the ball as a distraction. Reward your dog for not breaking from their place. If the oval is not too busy, you can also work on your dog’s recall here.

Bunnings Warehouse 

Dotted all across Melbourne, Bunning’s Warehouse is a typical family activity your dog can enjoy . The trolleys, sausage sizzle and people will all serve as distractions for your dog as you lead them down the aisles, adding in the occasional command. If your dog is struggling, find a quieter aisle and work your way up from there. Don’t forget to take them to see Bunnings pet range. 


Low distraction Melbourne dog training environments


Nothing says Melbourne like a brunch date. Mix up your usual routine by picking a slower-pace location or mid-morning time. Check out our dog’s at cafe article for a complete run down on how to make your latte and dog training work together!

Beach day

A simple yet often overlooked dog training location, Melbourne’s many beautiful beaches are often dog friendly and the perfect place to start slow with training. Pick a beach location with less foot traffic and begin introducing your dog to the sand, waves and noises.

Melbourne’s many dog training environments outside the home are a great way to expose your dog to people, places and smells they would not come across in a typical day. Take it slowly and be patient with your dog when visiting new locations. Your dog should be on a lead at all times and don’t be afraid to tell strangers your not comfortable with their dog approaching yours.


This article explores the many ways you can explore with your dog outside the home.  For more help book an In-home or On-site training session, tailored to the needs of your dog and your family.

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