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Teaching Loose Lead Walking

A note from our Head Trainer

Pulling Puppy?


Dog’s pull on the lead for many reasons, the primary one being the belief it works to get them where they want to go!

Teaching your dog to walk in a controlled manner whilst on a leash, is a skill known as loose lead walking and forms the basis for puppy obedience.

To teach a dog to walk on the lead loosely takes time so be patient with your pup (and yourself) when attempting to master this skill.

Some quick tips to teaching loose lead walking are:

  • Remember what your dog is trying to gain. Every step you take in the direction that you’re dog pulls you towards is going to reinforce the behaviour of pulling.
  • Gradually introduce your dog to the behaviours you are trying to achieve – A good place to begin teaching loose lead walking is out the front of your house, pick a nice small area. Once your dog has mastered that small area, then you can increase the space.

Loose lead walking is covered in our complete puppy package get in touch today to book your puppy today.