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Get to know Focus On Dog Training

At Focus On Dog Training, we understand every dog is unique, as is every dog’s family and every dog’s home. 

To ensure your dog is set up to succeed, we have developed an In-home training session, offering custom training to your home and an On-site training option 20 mins West of Melbourne (address provided upon booking). Both of our Melbourne Dog Training Services offer secure online booking and flexible times. 

Our Head Dog Trainer, Daniel is a qualified dog training and obedience specialist who uses balanced methods to assist you with a variety of dog training behaviours, including but not limited to;


Crate training

Loose lead walking

Recall (getting your dog to return to you when you call)

 Puppy and adult dog toilet training

Introducing a new pet or family member such as a newborn baby 

 Sit/place training (teaching your dog to be calm and return to a designated spot on command) 

Reactivity or aggression towards other dogs

Mouthing, nipping or biting 

Separation anxiety 

Socialisation (teaching your dog to mix well with other dogs) 

Desensitisation to triggers such as people, noises or other dogs 

General obedience 

Resource Guarding 

Our approach to dog training


We believe there is no quick fix to training your dog and work with you to introduce and communicate the techniques needed to ensure you have a confident, well behaved dog. Daniel strives to provide every dog owner with the tools they need to continue and master their dog’s training routine.

Our head trainer Daniel holds many years of experience, working for a number of leading dog training academy’s, kennels and animal wellfare organisations across Melbourne, Auckland, and the United Kingdom.

Daniel’s approach to dog training is both simple and holistic. His dog training philosophy focuses on the three key principles of engagement trust and reinforcement. Together, these three principles can be used to strengthen the relationship between owner and dog.

As one of Melbourne’s most dedicated dog trainers, for Daniel, every dog is unique can benefit from a tailored training package.