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Does my dog have basic obedience? 

 Basic dog obedience comes in many forms and can look different for every dog owner. Our trainers have put together a checklist to help you determine if your dog has a basic level of obedience. Or if he / she could benefit from additional dog training. 

Does your dog know it’s name? 

If Barry responds to Fluffy it is likely you will have problem’s progressing with further dog training. 

Do you have a word to signal your dog has done the right thing?  

We all respond well to praise, dogs included. Any word you decide can be used to let your dog know he is on the right track. Popular choices include; ‘yes’ ‘good’ and ‘ok.’ 

Does your dog recognise this word? 

Having a well thought out praise word is one thing. Ensuring your dog knows when it is being used is vital to continue further training. 

Do you have a word to signal your dog has done the wrong thing?  

Unfortunately, we cannot always be showering our dogs with praise. There will be times your dog will need to know his actions are not tolerated.  In a similar manner to your dogs praise word, it is also very important your dog understands you when you use this term. 

Can you invite guests into your home without worrying about your dog?  

Having guests join you for a meal or gathering in the home is one of the many pleasures of life. However, if you have to worry about your dog, jumping, nipping or displaying unsatisfactory behaviour. What was once a positive event can become a dreaded occasion or something you stop doing. 

Does your dog come back when called? 

Otherwise known as recall, a dog that returns to you when called is one that can be trusted in any environment. Effective recall also holds a safety bonus, that is you will have the ability to get your dog back to you in the event of any danger such as if they are headed towards a road. 

Can your dog be left alone? 

Or better yet, can your dog leave you alone! Separation anxiety is common and whilst often misunderstood to be cute, clingy and cuddly. A dog that can not be left alone even for the shortest period of time becomes an unrealistic pet to keep and can massively impact on your life and the life of your dog. 

Does your dog know it’s three commands? 

Basic dog obedience includes three main commands; 

 Command #1: ‘sit’ 

Useful in a variety of scenarios, your dog’s ability to lower its bum to the ground when prompted is an obedience must have. 

Command #2: ‘out’ 

Whilst not the most obvious, ‘out’ which is used to instruct your dog to drop something from its mouth holds the potential to save your dog’s life should it attempt to eat something it is not meant to. 

Command #3: ‘place’ 

This one can be viewed as sending your dog to ‘time out.’ A place command allows you to send your dog to its own space such as a bed or mat. 

It is never too late to start [or continue] training your dog. 

So, if you answered no to any of the above. Our trainers are here to help.