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Board and Train Services

Focus On Dog Training offers an exclusive live-in dog training service. Your dog will stay with myself and my family in our home 45 west of Melbourne’s CBD. During your dogs stay, we will tailor a training program to meet your dogs needs in a supportive and structured environment.



Is my dog suitable for a board and train?

Our board and train service is open to select dogs and puppies only. Dog’s must meet the following criteria

Over 6 months old

Crate trained

Not exhibit any signs of separation anxiety

Not exhibit any signs of high level human aggression

Our Head Dog Trainer is very experienced and is able to train your dog to address a number of common behaviours. These include but are not limited to;

Leash walking

Jumping and overexcitement

Recall training

Off leash training

Improving social skills



Toilet training

If you are unsure if your dog meets the above criteria, please complete our form below and we can discuss your training options in more detail.

What packages do you offer?

Our board and train service is charged at a nightly rate. Minimum stay is 5 nights and recommended stay is 3 weeks. 

We are here to work with you and your dog to meet your training needs and are happy to discuss a desired length of stay you and your dog are comfortable with. 

What is covered?

During your dog’s board and train stay, our head dog trainer will conduct

4+ daily training sessions to address the training behaviours you would like to work on.

A daily structured walk

In depth handover session following your dogs stay. 

Further ongoing support is also provided via phone call or email where required.

How long will my dog stay?

Our custom, live-in dog & puppy training service is offered at a minimum of 3 nights. To see best results, we recommend 3 weeks.

Dependent on your dogs needs, our head trainer will recommend a suitable stay.

For dogs with complex training needs such as aggression and reactivity, a longer stay will be required.

How much is a board and train?

Our board and train packages are charged at $125 per night.

Pick up and drop off must be completed before 11am or an additional day will be charged.

You will need to supply your dog’s own food and any medication. Your dog will also need to be up to date with flea, worm and tick treatments and completed all vaccinations. 

Board & Train Enquiry

Please complete the below form to get in touch with our qualified dog trainer about a board and train. We will call you to discuss eligibility, availability and a plan for your dog. Board and train is a service available to all breeds. 

If you are after standard In-home training tailored to your dog, please use our online booking form. 



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