Dog Training Packages

Below are a variety of our most popular training packages. However, our trainers are more than happy to tailor a package just for you and your dog. So if it is a different training package you are after, get in touch with us here.

Complete Puppy Package

Complete Puppy Package – $170 [1.5 Hour Session]

the perfect puppy training solution for puppies both big and small. Our trainer will assist you and your puppy with the following; 

Creating effective management systems

Toilet training

 Addressing mouthing and destructive behaviour

Building a solid foundation through relationship building games

Teaching basic obedience (sit, drop, bed)

 Mastering lead walking

Socialisation [ Calm, fully vaccinated older dog is available to meet your puppy]

Introducing recall

Introducing puppy to family members [incl babies / children]

 Preventing and addressing seperation anxiety

small dog with trainer

Adult Obedience Training - $170 [1.5 hr session]

Adult Obedience Package – $170 [1.5 Hour Session]

Our Adult Obedience options allow you to work with your trainer to address the unique behavioural needs of your dog.

 Creating effective management systems

Fostering and reinforcing engagement through relationship games

 Addressing jumping, mouthing and destructive behaviour

Teaching or reintroducing basic obedience 

Introducing  lead walking

Teaching recall

Socialisation [calm, fully vaccinated older dog available]

Teaching your dog to be calm

Managing or preventing separation anxiety

Resolving fears and phobias

Online Zoom Training - $75 [45 min]

Online Zoom Training – $75 [45 min]

Our online training sessions allow you, your dog and your family to meet with our qualified dog trainer in a safe, secure environment . Available in stage 4 lockdown, contact free training. Safe, secure & suitable for a range of puppies & dogs. 

Introducing management systems

Teaching toilet training

Preventing mouthing and destructive behaviour

Building engagement through relationship games

Basic obedience (sit, drop, bed)

Introducing correct lead walking practices

Addressing seperation anxiety

Follow Up Session - $120 [1x hour]

Follow Up Session – $130 [1x hour]

Available only once a In-home training session has been completed. Discuss with your trainer for more details. 

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