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Private Dog & Puppy Training Packages

Which private training package is right for me & my dog? 

Below are a variety of our most popular private dog training packages. However, our trainers are more than happy to tailor a package just for you and your dog. So if it is a different training package you are after, get in touch with us here.

Complete Puppy Package - $200 [1.5 hr session]

Each of our In-home, puppy training sessions includes a tailored mix of;

  • Introduction to positions [sit/drop/lead walking]
  • Recall training
  • Addressing puppy problems; [biting, jumping, over excitement]
  • Separation anxiety
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Relationship building
  • Conditioning calm behaviours

In-home puppy training is available in Melbourne’s west and north western suburbs only. 

Adult Obedience Training - $200 [1.5 hr session]

Our in-home adult training sessions can include a tailored mix of;

  • Any of training mentioned in puppy training package. 
  • Reactive behaviour / over excitement around other dogs
  • Resource guarding
  • Leash walking
  • Addressing Fears and phobias
  • Fighting between dogs in the same home
  • Preparing dog for new baby arrival
  • Introducing new dog into household.
  • Advanced obedience 


Available in Melbourne’s west and north western suburbs only

Zoom / Online Training Session -$120 [45 mins]

Our qualified trainers can assist you virtually to train your dog or puppy. Online training sessions are perfect for the new puppy owner or anyone looking to refine their adult dogs training. 

In each session we cover a tailored mix of 

  • Addressing separation anxiety
  • Puppy obedience [sits, drops, place commands] 
  • Adult dog obedience 
  • Teaching your dog to be calm

All clients who book an online dog training session are eligible for a 20% discount on in-person training session. 

Follow Up Session - $170 [1x hour]

Follow up sessions are available to our in-home training clients only after 1x full session has been completed either in person or online. 

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