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Dog Training Session Options

Complete dog training services at affordable prices.

We offer both On-site & In-home training options.

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Pick a dog training service 

Each of our private dog training options have been carefully created to ensure you, your dog and your family get the most out of each session.

Choose from our value On-site training  at our Hoppers Crossing location (street address provided upon booking). For our On-site dog training we welcome clients from across Melbourne.

For a convenient, In-home dog training option near you, we offer 1x 90 min session at no additional travel cost. To train with us In-home, please ensure you are located in one of our service areas. 

On-site Training Session

1x 60min On-site session (20 mins West of Melbourne CBD)

Cost: $170

Perfect for the new puppy owner or those looking to brush up training for their adult dog, this affordable, private dog training session will ensure you master the basics in puppy training or fill gaps in current adult dog training.

Included in this package, is a combination of:

Basic dog training commands incl of sit, drop & place.

Puppy toilet training

Loose lead walking

Overexcitement ie, jumping up

Biting / niping

Conditioning calm behaviour

Relationship building

As with any Focus On Dog Training session, we will tailor this to suit the needs of you and your dog. So if there is a specific behaviour you want to address, let us know!


Single Session Training (In-home)

1 x  90min In-home session

Cost: $250

Puppy problems? Or perhaps you have Lost trust in your adult dog? Or are struggling with some undesirable behaviours. Suitable for all breeds and ages, our single session dog training is the ideal solution

We can work on any of the following:

Reactive behaviour

Puppy training basics

Overexcitement around other dogs

Loose lead walking

Resource guarding

Recall / getting your dog to come back when called

Dog fears & phobias

Fighting between two dogs in same household


Toilet training

Introducing a second dog to home

As with any Focus On Dog Training session, we will tailor this to suit the needs of you and your dog. So if there is a specific behaviour you want to address, let us know!

Board & Train Options

We offer a limited placement of board and train packages. Commonly referred to a dog boot camp! You can find more info at our dedicated board and train page. 

Top Training Questions

Our Head Dog Training answers our most common queries.

How much is dog training in Melbourne?

The price you will pay for any dog trainer in Melbourne will depend on the type of training you book.

Private dog training single sessions can start from $150 and cost e up to $400 dependent on the dog trainers experience and if the session is in-home or at a separate location.

To save on private training, packages can be a good option such as one offered by Focus On Dog Training for price of $250.00

What areas do you visit?

For In-home, Focus On Dog Training offers dog training in Melbourne’s western suburbs. If you are booking an on-site package or are interested in a board & train, we encourage you to visit us from across Melbourne.

Do you offer aggressive dog training?

Yes. Our Head Dog Trainer is able to offer training solutions for dogs showing signs of aggression. We are happy to talk through your aggressive dogs needs before booking in a time to train. If you would prefer to book securely online, there will be space for you to indicate your dog is aggressive. 

What is the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist?

Truthfully, any differences between the two are subtle and come down to experience as opposed to qualifications. A dog trainer may focus on obedience whilst a dog behaviourist will attempt to modify your dogs behaviour. Focus On Dog Training dives into the differences in this blog post.

Where can I find reviews for Melbourne dog trainers?

Like many other businesses, reviews can be found via Google Business profiles, Facebook pages, other third party review websites and of course, word of mouth.

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