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Mastering Recall

Teaching your dog to come back to you when called is more commonly known as recall and is one of the most important commands to teach your dog.  In a dangerous or unknown scenario, this aspect of dog obedience has the potential to save your dog’s life. 

Here are our top tips for bulletproof recall;


When training the recall, if you say “Fido, come”. And Fido doesn’t come, Fido has just learned that come means not to come. So you need to be able to protect your recall command until you are sure your dog will come back, invest in a good quality 10-meter long line and a treat pouch. 

Reward systems

In order for your dog to come back, they need to know that you have cool things (high-value treats and toys), these are our reward systems. Ideally, we want a dog who is highly food motivated and highly toy driven.


In order for your dog to want to come back to you if he is sniffing wonderful smells or playing with other dogs, they have to see you as the source of fun and want to be with you. If your dog doesn’t think that your the bee’s knees then recall is going to be pretty difficult.


It takes many repetitions, depending on the relationship with your dog it may take a few hundred or a few thousand repetitions
to get that bulletproof recall.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, mastering this very important tool will take time, don’t rush the steps with your dog and be sure to have lots of fun in the process. 

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