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How to: stop your puppy from chasing after your cat

Have a new pup who is giving your cat a hard time? Wonder why your young dog keeps doing this? From your dog’s point of view, chasing after a cat is very rewarding. All dogs have prey drive, the natural desire to chase things. Scolding your young puppy for doing this will not only affect their personality but will not be good for your relationship.

Dont allow your dog to practice the behaviour of chasing your cat 

Sounds pretty simple? It really is! The more your dog practices chasing after the cat, the more rewarding it is, be proactive not reactive!

Have good puppy management in place

Crates are a must until your puppy can be trusted around the cat, I would have your dog in a crate when your cat is out, and vice versa. Have a leash on your dog around the cat, this way you can block the behaviour of chasing after the cat. For more on basic obedience and puppy management, check out our post.

Genetic fulfillment

This means giving your young dog outlets such as: scent games, flirt pole, swimming, agility, fetch etc. This will meet your dog’s natural instincts and will make it easier for your dog to relax.

Promote calm

I like to teach my dogs a nice go to their bed/mat and stay there command. You want to teach this without your car present. Also, rewarding calm behaviour, if you’re dog is lying down and being quiet and you haven’t asked it to, give praise, the more you reinforce a behaviour, the more your dog will offer this.

Check out our post for more on teaching your dog to be cam.

A persistent pup and an unhappy cat can make for an unsettled home. If you continue to have trouble with your puppy chasing your cat, please book an in-home training session, where our qualified trainer will show you further steps to stop your puppy from chasing after your cat.