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What training is best for my dog?

There are many different training options for your dog. So were going to break down which training might be most suitable for you and your dog

Group dog training

the most common training out there. Group training classes can vary in size; from small groups of 4 to 20+. Most commonly you will have at least 10 in a class. Group training is great if you already have good foundations with your dog. However, if you have more severe problems, such as dog reactivity, separation anxiety etc. Then group training will not be suitable

In-home training

This is where a trainer comes to your home. This is good for dogs with severe behaviour, such as dog reactivity, territorial behaveour etc. If you’re dog get distracted easily, then training your dog in the home is a good place to start, sometimes group training can be too much for your dog. One disadvantage of in-home training is it takes lots of time and consistency to train your dog, so in one, two-session you are going to be limited in what you will achieve.

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Online dog training

Great for dog enthusiasts and dog owners that have already a good foundation. You can learn great new skills such as scent detection, tracking, complex sill etc. And is also, generally the cheapest option. However, if you’re dog is dog reactive for example, online training will not fix your problems. Your dog needs to be around calm, suitable dogs. Also, a lot of people learn better when they have someone showing them in person what to do.

Board & Train / Dog Bootcamp

Great for people who are lacking time. Generally speaking, your dog will stay with a trainer for an extended period, at the end of their stay, the trainer will then educate you how to keep the training up.

This has the advantage of in-home training without needing to invest the time into your dog yourself.  An example of where a Board & Train can be beneficial is if you have a dog who is very insecure around other dogs, then they need lots of positive interactions with other calm dogs, many people will either not have the time, all the right sorts of dog to do this. Board and train stays are expensive and to see any results, it is recommended that the dog should stay for at least 3 weeks. A board and train any less than 3 weeks will not be enough time for your dog to learn.

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There are different training options out there, some may be more suitable for your needs compared to others. However, the success of all training options depends on you. Are you willing to put the time in, to be consistent, and to keep the training up?