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Top Five Puppy Training Problems

And How To Overcome Them

Our Head Trainer Daniel shares with us the five most common problems new pup owners experience and how to overcome them.


1. My pup destroys things in the house

Any new puppy is going to get into trouble when introduced to its new home environment. And just like any other sort of trouble, prevention is the best cure. Start by having a good management system in place to prevent destructive behaviours from happening in the first place. One of the best tools for effective behaviour management is investing in a crate. A crate will create the basis for place training and offer your puppy a safe space. More on crate training can be found here. 

2. My puppy keeps nipping me

Pups explore the world with their mouth. When A pup is in the litter they will mouth each other to initiate play. As an owner, you will need to be patient and show them that mouthing will not get them what they want. Instead, transferring them to a toy, offering a timeout or creating a high pitch yelping sound are all effective. Check out our blog dedicated to resolving puppy mouthing here.

3. My puppy doesn’t listen to me

Selective hearing is all too common with young puppies. The main reason why puppies don’t listen to their owners is that they see other things in their environment as more interesting. In order for a puppy to listen to you, you need to become the most interesting thing to it. This is an excellent excuse to spend lots of time doing fun things together!

5. My puppy pulls on the lead

Unfortunately, puppies are born ready to walk on a lead! Successful lead walking must be taught. Start by breaking the walk down into small steps, reward eye contact and correct behaviour. More tips on mastering the art of loose lead walking can be found here.


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