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Point Cook Dog Training

We offer a range of dog training session and package options to suit your dogs needs.

Our Qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist is able to create a custom dog training package which will allow you to work on the training areas your dog most needs.

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Private Dog Training Solutions Point Cook

Focus On Dog Training offers a range of private dog training solutions across Point Cook and Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Our qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist offers affordable training for all ages and breeds.

Our mobile training options are a popular choice for those looking for an in-home training solution. We also offer an onsite training offer at our specialist location 15 mins west of Point Cook. 

Training Prices

Complete Puppy Training

Price: $240 – 1.5hr In-home

Adult Obedience Training

Price: $240 – 1.5hr [In-home]

On-site Dog Training

Price: $315 – 2 sessions  [1.5hr + 1hr]

Our value dog and puppy training option. Private training in our custom built facility, 15 minutes west of Weribee (address to be provided upon booking). 

This training & behaviour option if suitable for all breeds & ages but subject to avalibility. 

Training FAQ’s

What will we cover in the training session?

Unlike group training where you may have to participate in training you don’t need,  private dog training means we can use the time to work on the behaviours you want to.

Our qualified Dog Trainer is able to work with you and your dog on basic dog obedience, recall, aggression, resource guarding and much more. Check out our training sessions for a full break down.

My dog's training are very unique. Can you still help?

Most likely, yes. If your dog is demonstrating behaviour you don’s see listed in our training session breakdown, please reach out. 

If we cant help, our trainer has a network of professionals we may be able to refer you to. 

How much do you charge?

Training is priced per session at an affordable rate. Please see our training session breakdown for accurate pricing. 

We also offer discounts for second sessions and onsite training. 

I don't live in Point Cook, do you travel?

Of course. Point Cook dog training is just one of the suburbs Focus On Dog Training offers in-home training across . We also travel to Melbourne’s Western suburbs Inner North. Check out our suburb list. 

Our onsite training option is open to anyone and we are located 15 mins west of Point Cook. Address shared upon booking.


How does private dog training work?

Private dog training follows the format of first sitting down to chat about the dog training behaviours you want to address. Next, we meet your dog and we will go from there to begin training. 

Our head trainer has developed an article with more detail of what to expect when you book. 

What about socialisation?

Not a problem. Our head trainer is able to bring a calm older dog to the training session at your request. The benefit of this is your dog can work on its reactions to other dogs and play in a controlled environment.  Our dog can be added to your session at no additional cost. Just specify you would like him to come along in your booking form. 

Do you offer post training support?

We do! Our trainer is available to answer your queries via email. You can also follow us on Facebook. 

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