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How to get more focus from your dog

As the name, Focus On Dog Training suggests, Our top trainers view focus as a fundamental training tool. 

We have therefore compiled a list of top tips to get your dog to focus, 

Train your dog before breakfast & dinner 

Think of it this way, if you were given $500 for doing nothing, then asked to do an 8 hour day for $500, you probably would not want to go to work. The same goes for dogs, do your training sessions before their meals, this will increase your dog’s motivation.

Find out what your dog’s biggest motivation is

For a long time, I would reward my Labrador with a toy, for him this was not a big reward as he was much more food-focused. I switched his reward to food and noticed a big difference in his motivation. Also using different treats can help, what might work inside, might not work when there are high distractions such as dogs. I would recommend prime 100 (salmon and kangaroo flavours are great!).

Have a think, where is your dog getting all of his rewards? 

A reward to a dog is anything they find valuable, is your dog spending much time at dog parks? playing with other dogs, playing with other people? Getting their food in the bowl for free, having access to their favourite toy? If the answer to these is yes, I would start restricting access to them. To get more focus from your dog you have to become more valuable, and controlling the resources is a good way to start.

Have fun with your dog

While it’s important that your dog can walk nicely on a leash, sit on command, go to their bed, etc. If you focus too much on obedience it can kill their motivation. With my dogs daily I will play tug, fetch games, scent detection, and weekly I will go hiking with both.

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You may also benefit from an In-home training session where our skilled trainers can work one on one with your dog to teach focus and anything else you are struggling with. Click here to book your custom session.