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How to socialise your new puppy during a lockdown

The last 18 months of COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted us all socially, your dog included. If you have brought home a new puppy during this time, socialisation for your new pup will be equally as important yet a little more difficult. However not impossible.

Here are some ways in which you can socialise your pup, even during a lockdown:

1) Make the most of your vet – many vets will allow you to come in to meet the staff and get your puppy used to the environment. You could even wait across the road from the vets and reward your dog for calm behaviour, around other dogs.

2) The dreaded dog park – Whilst, it is important to note – most dog trainers (me included) aren’t fans of the dog park environment for many reasons. there are ways you can utilise the facilities whilst too keeping your dog safe – I recommend, standing on the outside of the dog park and rewarding calm behaviour. If your dog is struggling, you can always go further away from the dog park.

3) Get those food deliveries in -the arrival of your food delivery does not only need to be acknowledged by you! One idea is to sit outside and rewards your dog for being calm when the driver arrives. 

4) Take advantage of the kid’s park being closed – bring your dog along to try out the equipment and thus creating positive associations with different surfaces. You can even download a puppy sound app onto your phone to play during, teaching your dog to be calm with noise distractions. rives. This will get your dog familiar with different people.


Overall, a lockdown does not mean the end of the road for your pup’s chance at socialisation. Get creative and give your dog the best chance at success.