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Got an over-excited dog who jumps up on your friends and family when they visit? You wouldn’t be the only one!

Having a dog who jumps up on visitors is a common problem for many dog owners.

So, why do they do dog’s jump up?

The simple answer, poor impulse control. Impulse control is the ability your dog has to control their emotions. Without impulse control, when someone comes to the door, your dog gets overexcited. It is that excitement which leads to your dog making a poor decision.

To your dog, the act of jumping up on your guests is a way to release excess energy

As a bonus to the excitement your dog receives from jumping up, your dog also craves the attention of you and your guest. Even if your guests say “no” to your dog and attempts to push them away.  Your dog has still got the attention they wanted

Many dogs want your attention so bad that even if you tell them off, you are still rewarding them. Any form of reward reinforces them jumping up. 

How to solve it: Be proactive, not reactive

A reactive dog owner will wait until their dog gets over-excited and will then discipline, perhaps with a time out or by scolding them.

A proactive owner will anticipate that their dog is going to get over-excited by the arrival of their guest, so they will take action beforehand.

Teaching an alternative behaviour that counteracts the unwanted act.  In this situation, I recommend teaching a solid place/go to bed command when visitors come through the door.

Once you have a reliable place command, and your dog can go to the bed on command, you can then add a door knock/bell sound with the place command.

Eventually, when visitors come to your door and knock, you’re dogs will automatically go to their bed and stay there until released.

Where possible, ensure you advocate for your dog asks your guests to give you a time when they will arrive at your house.

When your guest comes to the door, stay calm, inform them your dog is in training and ask they ignore your dog on arrival.

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