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Introducing a second dog into your home

Introducing another dog into your home can be a stressful experience. You are not too sure how the dogs are going together, are they going to get along? Are they going to be stressed? You think of worst-case situations.

Heres our top tips to ease your dogs into a smooth transition period:

1) Crate train both dogs

a crate will provide each dog with their own space, a way of getting away from stress(read more on crate training here). It’s important to have a good management system In place, a crate will provide each dog with the structure they need.

2) Feed the second dog separately

a common reason why dogs in the same household fight is over food, it might not happen in your case. However, it is better to remove any opportunities altogether. Have one dog in another room/crate while you feed one, then switch. Also, be mindful of giving dogs treats in front of each other!

3) Be mindful of how you are giving each dog affection.

You have to remember you are a resource to your dogs (something the dogs need/find valuable), so be very mindful how you are praising each dog. If you’re giving one dog fuss/praise, don’t let the other dog muscles in on the action, it may seem like your be strict if your not it can lead to a lot of problems.

4) Try and give both dogs as much structure as possible.

Dogs thrive off structure, the more structure, the better. This means getting them into a routine.

5) Master a pack walk.

Walking both dogs together on a well-structured walk is a great way for both dogs to bond. It also a great way to improve your leadership skills. Take the walk seriously, master loose lead walking.