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 What to expect when you book mobile dog training

Before you book dog training 

Booking private dog training with Focus On Dog Training is an investment into the future of your family and your dog. 

However, to ensure you get the most out of your decision to have our trainer visit you In-home, we recommend the following:

Watch your dog’s interactionsGaps in your dog’s training may not always be evident to you. To make sure you capture everything you need to work on with a dog trainer, watch how your dog interacts with family, other dogs, guests to your home and around household noise etc. Note down any problem areas so you can discuss these when making a booking. 


Send an enquiry to our trainer – Focus On Dog Training offers two convenient ways to get in touch with our trainer. You can leave your details in our online booking form here or call us directly using the button located on our home-page. Once we have received your message, our dedicated trainer will call you back to discuss your dog’s training needs in more detail and set up a time to train.

Please note, it is vital that we speak to you before your dog training session as this allows us to advise you of the correct training package suited to your dog.

Once your booking is made

Once we have set up a time to train, feel free to continue to note down any training aspects you would like to work on or questions you may have. Our trainer will be more than happy to go over this with you on arrival. 

When you speak with our dog trainer on the phone, he may give you some basic exercises or instructions to begin before your training session. For example, if your dog requires crate training, you may be recommended to purchase a crate.  

Before your dog trainer arrives

Booking private dog training with Focus On Dog Training is an investment into the future of your family and your dog.

Our mobile, In-home dog training sessions are tailored to suit the needs of your dog and fill the gaps in their obedience. However, before our trainer arrives in your home – there are a few things you can do to ensure you, your family and your dog are ready to get the most from your training session(s)

Do not feed your dog before our trainer arrives –  A hungry dog will be more motivated to respond to training commands and work for their treats! Please also note, our trainers will arrive at your house with training treats but if your dog has a sensitive stomach, please have some of your dog’s favourite treats own on hand.


Where possible, have all family members and any animals present who will have regular access to your dog – Focus On Dog Training strongly believes, the more the merrier when it comes to setting your dog up for success and does not charge additionally for multiple dogs.


Consider the weather One of the many benefits of In-home dog training is your dog’s training arena is not restricted to either an outdoor environment such as your backyard or indoor area such as your lounge room. However, as Victoria’s weather can at times be extreme, please keep in mind where your dog might be most comfortable on the day. Our trainers are experts at finding a solution for training, so if you have any queries regarding the weather, please get in touch prior to your booking*



* We are happy to assist in making adjustments to your training location. However, training sessions cannot be rescheduled due to the weather. 



Ensure exposure to triggers can be replicated The reasons people book training for their dogs vary greatly but if there is a certain trigger you would like to work on, please do your best to have that trigger ready on training day. An example of this might be a dog that lives on your street barking and causing yours to react. When our trainer arrives, be ready to take them to this spot.


Have your questions readyOur dedicated dog trainer is there exclusively for you and your dog. Make the most of your session by having questions on hand.

During your training session

Our dedicated trainer will arrive at your home promptly to begin training 

For the first 15 minutes, we will sit down with you and your family and discuss the training needs of your dog and answer any questions you may have. 

Once your training session commences, our trainer will send through follow up notes via email. If you have a second session, this may include homework!