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Dog & Puppy Training Melbourne

In-home dog and puppy training in Melbourne’s West & Northern suburbs.

Custom Board & Train packages available.

Training Service Areas

We offer our tailored, In-home dog training service to homes throughout Melbourne’s West & Northern suburbs at no additional travel cost. 

Dog Training Sessions

Each of our In-home dog training sessions is developed exclusively for the needs of your dog or puppy, your family and your home.

Online Training Options

We are offering one on one virtual dog training sessions. Perfect for the new puppy owner or those looking to refine the obedience of their adult dog. 

Qualified Dog Trainer

Our head trainer Daniel holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from The National Dog Training Federation.

How It Works

Booking private dog or puppy training with Focus On Dog Training is an investment into the future of your family and your dog. Ensure you get the most from each session with our guide. 

COVID-19 Training Info

The team at Focus On Dog Training, are taking all measures we keep our clients and the community safe.

Dog Training Tips



Our Melbourne dog training team have put together a range of dog training articles, tips and tricks to assist you with your dog and puppy training needs.

Get your dog to come back when called

Get your dog to come back when called

Six tips to get your dog to come back to you when you call  Also known as recall, having the confidence your dog will come back to you when you call is a vital dog training tool. It also offers the all important opportunity for you to keep your dog safe.  So how do we...

Mastering recall

Mastering recall

Mastering Recall Teaching your dog to come back to you when called is more commonly known as recall and is one of the most important commands to teach your dog.  In a dangerous or unknown scenario, this aspect of dog obedience has the potential to save your dog's...

Basic dog obedience

Basic dog obedience

Does my dog have basic obedience?   Basic dog obedience comes in many forms and can look different for every dog owner. Our trainers have put together a checklist to help you determine if your dog has a basic level of obedience. Or if he / she could benefit from...

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