Melbourne & Geelong Dog Training

Qualified Trainer

Our head trainer Daniel holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from The National Dog Training Federation.

Custom Packages

Each of our In-home dog training packages is developed exclusively for the needs of your dog, your family and your home life. 

In-home training

Let your dog learn in the environment in which they are most comfortable, your home. We visit homes throughout Melbourne & Geelong.

Private Training

At Focus On Dog Training, we understand every dog is unique, as is every dog’s family and every dog’s home. Each of our In-home dog training packages is tailored to meet the needs of your dog.

Our qualified trainers will ensure you and your dog get the most from each of our In-home tailored dog training sessions by working with you to achieve results. 

Let our qualified trainer come to you and train your dog in the environment in which they are most comfortable, your home. 

 Dog Training Tips

Check out top dog training tips and tricks from our Head Dog Trainer, Daniel. 

Stop your puppy from biting

Mouthing, Nipping and gentle biting is your puppy's way of initiating play.Puppies and their littermates will often nip or mouth each other as a form of exploration. Your puppy's biting behaviour is therefore common. However, whilst harmless in their younger years, it...

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Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up

Got an over-excited dog who jumps up on your friends and family when they visit? You wouldn’t be the only one!Having a dog who jumps up on visitors is a common problem for many dog owners.So, why do they do dog's jump up?The simple answer, poor impulse control....

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Your Dog And Your Baby

So, you have a dog and are expecting a new baby... Congratulations, whether this child is to be your first or your third - there is no doubt your baby will be welcomed with open arms. However, there may be one member of the family who has an objection...your dog.We...

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